Boshi’s values help to preserve and reinforce our special culture. We set up rules for every in our company, in oder to encourage our staff to behave well. We belive that only with the values could we make a further step in the business.

Be better every day

We keep learning everyday.  We continuously define a future state better than the current state.  We have relentlessly high standards and courageously challenge the status quo to deliver differentiated products, services and processes.  We ensure problems are solved at the root cause resulting in sustained improvements for our business and unique value for our customers.

Always think of the customers first

We put ourselves in the customers’shoes.  They rely on us for our expertise.  We not only provides products for our customers but also professional service. As we always think of what customers concern, we win their trust.

Differentiate through innovation

We are pioneers.  We know the importance of innovation. We encourage our teams to work hard on innovation in order to delight our customers and lead our markets. It is the innovation that keeps our leading position in this business. We will keep innovating and offer the best products for our customers.

Unlock talents in yourself and others

We believe that everyone could make a difference in our future.  Everyoen is unqiue and everyone has his/her own talent. We are sincerely open-minded, genuinely listen and utilize diverse viewpoints to create the best solutions for our customers and the world