LED mining lamp Certificate:
1.Quality Management System Certificate No:GB/T19001-2000 idt ISO9001:2000
2.Explosion-proof Certification Of Compliance No.KD06250,KD06251

:Less energy cost ,higher safety degree.
1. LED : less energy and super brightness LED
2. Battery : safety lithium ion battery
3. Small, light, free maintenance, explosion prevention, waterproof, long life
4. Lighting time : more than 15h, double light source design
5. Charger AC input : AC110 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz DC output : DC4.2V,1A
6. Working temperature : -10 ~ 45 degrees
7. Relative air humidity : <= 95% +- 3RH
It is suitable for mineral industry,tunnel projects,construction and maintenance of power communication,highway,railway, cutting off rubber plant and absorbing mucus and flooding rescue at night.

Technical description:
1.Battery (Lithium ion)
It adpots new lithium ion battery which is with protection of over-charging , over-discharging and a short circuit. Every battery cycling lifetime is more than 500 times.It also have 80% rated capacity after being used 500 times.Its the latest environmental protection battery.
2. LED:
it adpots 1W high-power LED. The life span is more than 50000 hours.Illumiance is more than 3000 lux/60lm. It adpost two working patterns: main light functioning only or six auxiliary lights funtioning together. When the main light fails to work, please switch to auxiliary lights( Warining: ask professionals to fix the lamp and go to safe places if one light source can’t work).

3. Charger(Lithium ion):
It adpots isopiestic pressure current limiting charging way. Its volatge is 4.2V(normal charging voltage is 4.2V).When charging current is 1A and voltage approachs 4.2V, charging current will reduce gently.When batterys voltage is 4.2V and current is less than 1A, the indicator light will turn green. It means that miners lamp can work normally. When it is charging ,the indicator light will turn red.

Technology parameters

Model number: BK3000
Battery capacity: 2000MAH
Standard voltage: 3.7V
Main working current: 200mA
Auxiliary current: 120mA
Working time: 13H
Charging time: 8H
Illumination: 10000Lx
LED power: 1W
Surface material: PC
Charge mode: directly.
Defence grade: 68IP