Current Situation
It is known that counterfeit or bad products could be unsafety to use. As a leading manufacturer in miners’lamp, BOSHI assure you that all our products are under strict production standards.

Our Assurance
As industry's leading brand, BOSHI knows the responsibility to pay attention to the quality of our miners’lamp. It is not just for the concern of our reputation, but for the protecion of our customers’rights. It is our work to provide safe products to our customers. Any ignorance on customers’interest is untolerable. BOSHI will stick to the government’s standard and improve our produts.

Our Backup
We have a professional team to make innovation on miners’lamp. We also design new prodcuts according to our customers’request. We try our best to satisfy your needs

Advantage of Using Real WISDOM Products

Real BOSHI product has the certifications of CE, ERP, RoHS, UL, PSE, ATEX, MSHA and passed the IP68 test.

BOSHI has a strict control over materials. We only choose the best.

BOSHI develops unqiue technics and improves our products’quality to offer your best service.

Our salesd team wil provide best sales servcie for your with their professional knowledge.

Disadvantage of Using Unquality Products

Hidden danger
Unquality products don’t enhance the importance of secruity standards.

Easy broken
Unquality product is usually made with poor-quality material in order to save cost.

Unquality products won’t fucntion as well as the quality ones.

Unquality products don’t offer good after-sales service.