Mega Show is the last fair that Boshi will attend in October (The previous are COS+H, Caton Fair and the NSC. A new LED light, water-activated light, will be showed in this fair.

We only offer quality products. Boshi has developed a production line of water-activated light. The 60% of water-activated lights in Janpanese market is from our company. We has established cooperation with America Eton- a company specializing in LED light as well. It is also sold on Amazon,Taobao and Alibaba.
The patent for water-activated light is under applying.

Water-activated Light

It is activated by water not powered by lithium cell. Therefore, there is no need to charge it. Once activated, it could last 72 hours. If the light turns dim, just add a second water to it.

The shell is made of environmental friendly and harden material. Thus, it is resistant to the damage from environment, and difficulty to be broken. It can still work well even if it has been stored for ten years. When you need it, just add water to it.
It is light and small. You can pur it anywhere, like wallet, bag, drawer, and car, to prepare for emergencies. For the environment and secruity sake, it adopts magnesium cell rather than hydrargyri, chromium, lead and cadmium.

It can be activated by any kind of liquid, like wine, bear, cola, coffe. If your are in emergency but find no water, you can use spittle and urine to acitvate it.

MEGA SHOW Part 1 is the largest and most important sourcing trade exhibition every October for gifts, premiums, housewares, kitchen & dining, lifestyle products, toys & games and stationery in the Asia-Pacific region. The shows take place over seven open days during the last two weeks of October at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The dates of MEGA SHOW Series are a regular fixture of the autumn Southern China sourcing circuit for global buyers. Over 52,400 international import and export houses, wholesalers, distributors, agents, mail order companies and retailers from 130 countries and regions attended the show over the seven show days in 2015.  

Time: October20-23, 2016
Address: Hongkong International Convention and Exhibition Center
Organizer: Hongkong Jianfa International Exhibition Co., Ltd
Booth Number: C-J12(beside the entry into the 3rd floor)