China BOZZ 3W LED 10000lux KL2.5LM_Creeled Mining Lamp

Use scope
It is suitable for Coal mines, tunnel projects, night-power communication, railway constructions, public security, fire-fighting, steel, oilfield and other petrochemical enterprises.

Product features
1.Safety: with China national explosive-proof certificate Exs I and CE certificate,can be used safely in various flammable and explosive places
2.Light Source: ultra-high-brightness dual LED, super efficacy and energy-saving
3.Rechargeable Battery:polymer lithium-ion battery,environmental-friendly
4.Intelligent protection:with overcharge& over-discharge resistant function and short circuit protection device
5.Usage:can be directly installed in various lamp miner’s lamp charger brackets, simple and handy for using

Technology parameters
Model number: KL2.8LM(A)
Battery capacity:2800MAH
Working current:300mA
Working time:10H
LED power:3W
Surface material:PC
Charge mode:directly.