1.Non-conducting nylon polymeric material with high-strength and toughness, chemical corrosion resistance.
2.LED light and Alluminum alloy
3.Anti-shaving coating polycarbonate lens,unbreakable.
4.LED digital display screen, showing you how much electrity has left.
5.Cree R5 LED with a life span of 50,000 hours. If the brightness reaches 240 Lumen, it can work 9 hours.
6.Adopting lithium battery of Panasonic which can be charged 1200 times. USB charging.
7.O-ring: water&dust-proof
8.Design of anti-hand slip, easy to hold

Main technical parameters:

Model number: SP-1
Battery capacity: 6200MAH
Standard voltage: 3.7v
Working current: 700 mA
Working time: 9H
Charging time: 12H
Illumination: 240LX
LED power: 3W
Surface material: ABS
Charge mode: directly.
Defence grade: 68IP