Use scope
Charging KJ series(nickel hydrogen battery)/KL serires(LI-ION battery)mining lamp

Product features
1.This product uses the constant voltage,constant current charge modle,safe and reliable
2.Over temperature, output short circuit protection
3.Products use two-color light,green light load,the red light when charging,the green light bright when the battery is charged full
4.This product is suitable for charging with charging administered miner(NICKEL HYDROGEN batteries, lithium managese batteries,lithium iron phosphate batteries)
5.The appearance is novelty and small,overall weight is light ,and be convenient to use.

Technology parameters

No. Parameter Name Unit Parameter Values
1 Rated Input Voltage V 220V
2 Range of Input Voltage V 180-240V/AC 50HZ
3 Input Frequency HZ 47-63HZ
4 Input Current A AC<0.35A
5 Ripple Voltage mV p-p <150mV p-p
6 Output Voltage V 5.5-5.7V/DC
7 Output Current mA 750-950mA
8 Work Temperature -5℃ - 55℃
9 Temperature Rise ≤50℃
10 Display Status During Charging   The Indicator Light is Red
  Charging Completed   The Indicator Light is Green