NEW-KL2.5 is perfectly created with industrial design ,electronic and software design,production design new cordless headlamp. It has a strong, waterproof, long duration, the characteristics of small volume and light weight etc.New-KL2.5 is able to withstand the harshest underground condition,such as,the coal miners and metal mines etc.Meanwhile,it is a kind of ideal lighting equipment for civil using,outdoor activity,riding lighting and many other practical purpose.

The significant features are as the follows:

1.100000hours lifespan and super stable brightness
LED lifespan depends on the quality of LED and the driving power,NEW-KL2.5 applies innovative LED and advanced drive PCB,its lifespan up to 100000hours. With elaborated the reflecting cup,the biggest effect by using optical effect to 4000LUX illumination.

2.Safety reliable and free maintenance
New-KL2.5 use 2pcs 18500 Lithium ion batteries, The mother-board battery protection circuit can effecte on such as the over charge, over discharge, over current, short circuit multiple problems protection. Ensure that the battery will not produce explosive combustion,because of impact, short circuit, over charging and over high temperature and,so as to ensure the using safety lamps.

3.Explosion-proof and Strong impact resistance
The housing of New-KL2.5 is made of high strength PC, the internal structure of excellent design ensures the strength of the shell and the reduction of the internal stress, which makes the product has a stronger impact resistance and durability.

4.Super waterproof
New-KL2.5 applies the professionally waterproof design which enables it is approved by IP68 tested underwater. lighting.

5.Convenient charging way with USB
NEW-KL2.5 breaks through the traditional way of charging, with USB charging mode, reduce the volume and promote waterproof effective. The use of USB mobile phone charger general can charge for lamp, Meantime it can also charge with the matched conventional single charger or charger rack, which is a revolutionary breakthrough in the charging way for lamps.

6.Environment friendly
NEW-KL2.5 is strictly followed during the whole process, from material selection to control process.


Model number : NEW-KL2.5
Battery capacity: 2200MAH  
The Working current: 150MA
The charging time: 3-5h 
The lighting time:  15-20H 
Llumination: ≥6000Lux 
LED power:  1W
Surface material: PC
Waterproof grade: IP68 
Charge mode: USB