The scope of application of the product

1.This product is the latest development of the company's KL4LM (K) intrinsically safe explosion-proof lights for Ex ia I Ma contains explosive gas coal mines, natural gas development platform and other industries to do mobile lighting use

2.The product implements the following standards:
Explosive atmospheres - Part 1: General requirements for equipment GB 3836.1-2010
Explosive atmospheres - Part 4: Equipment protected by intrinsically safe "i" GB 3836.4-2010

Product characteristics
1.This product is intrinsically safe explosion-proof lamps, in the 0 area, Ⅰ area, Ⅱ area flammable and explosive places safe work.
2.Solid-state maintenance-free LED light source, high luminous efficiency, long life, the average life of 100,000 hours long.
3.With the main light source and auxiliary light source, through the switch can be free to convert, when the power is low will automatically converted to secondary light source
4.Shell with reinforced nylon, with good impact resistance, waterproof, dustproof, insulation, corrosion resistance, and can be used in a variety of harsh environments
5.The use of high-energy polymer lithium-ion battery, charge and discharge good performance, with triple protection, the battery to meet the requirements of intrinsically safe, safe and environmentally friendly.
6.A long lighting time , more than 11 hours .

Technical parameters
Explosion - proof mark and its meaning

The main parameters of the lamp

No. Technical Parameters   Unit Data
1 Rated capacity   Ah 2.5
2 Rated voltage   V 3.7
3 Rated curren   A 0.15/0.08
  Main/Auxiliary light source      
4 Light source power           Main/Auxiliary light source   W 1/0.4
5 Continuous discharge time Main light source h ≥11
    Auxiliiary light source   ≥30
6 Intrinsically parameter Maximum output voltage U0 V 4.2
    Maximum output current I0 A 1.3
7 Charging time (Completely discharge conditions)   h 11
8 Luminous intensity   cd ≥1
9  overall dimension(length ×width×height)   mm 75.5×66×72.6
10 Battery lifetime   Cycle (times) ≥500
11 Total weight   Kg 0.35

Miner lamps using the environment temperature is 25 ℃ ~ 45 ℃.

Miner lamp size

Miner's lamp charging and use method
1.Press the switch button on the headlamp, the first time the main light source is on, press the second time for the secondary light source, press the third time to turn off the light.
2.The head of the mounting bracket into the helmet on the deck, and then adjust the mounting position, making the lighting angle to achieve the best results.
3.Through the switch button to adjust the light to their desired brightness
4.When the power is low , the main light source will automatically switch to the secondary light source, not stay in the underground for a long time, should be charged to the lamp.
5.Remove the headlamp from the helmet, and then pull up the charging hole seal, the charger head is divided into positive and negative, with a notch position down, insert for charging. When fully charged, then headlights back into the helmet, you can use.
6.When the red light in the lamp is lit, it indicates that it is charging. When the green light is on, it indicates that the battery is full
7.Lamps are charged every time after use to ensure that the battery is always in full power state, after a full charge can be used within a year at any time.

Simple fault handling method

Faultphenomenon Failure analysis Approach
Can not turn on the lights after pressing the button The battery is exhausted or Pls charging the lamp
  automatically turn on protection  
Discharge time is less than 11 hours The battery is not fully charged Make sure the battery is lit and the green light is on
Brightness reduction The lamp cover is dirty Clean with water


Lamps and other failures, please contact us in time.

1.KL2.5LM(T)intrinsically safe miner's lamp from factory has been charged to about 50%, will be filled with a charger before use.
2.Please use this miner lamp’s charger or charging rack for charging, if use of other types of charger charging will damage the lamp.
3.If you do not use it for a long time, follow the steps below to perform maintenance, complete charge → full discharge → 2 hours charge maintenance operation.

Safety warning
1.Miner lamp at work can not be directly on the human eye, or strong light will damage people's eyesight.
2.Do not disassemble the parts of miner lamp at random. It is forbidden to use miner lamp with the missing parts in hazardous locations. Otherwise, it will affect the safety and reliability.
3.Donot beat the miner lamp.
4.Do not charge the miner lamp in hazardous locations.
5.Do not put miner lamp near or put into the fire .
6.It is forbidden to remove miner lamp or replace the parts in the underground. The maintenance and maintenance of miner lamp shall be carried out in a safe environment。Can not arbitrarily change the structure and parts of the lamp.
7.Scrapped miner lamp are centralized ,Not arbitrarily discarded.

Packing list
1.Intrinsically safe explosion-proof miner lamp  1PCS
2.Manual  1PCS
3.Charger  1PCS